Frequently Asked Questions

We buy trailer loads of long-grain rice and we need it in retail bags. Is this possible?
We can pack off any dry products. If the product requires a pre-printed film, the customer must provide this. We currently stock a white or clear form, fill, and seal bag with a pressure-sensitive label.

We have our own private label. Can your company pack under our private label?
In most cases, we can pack under any private label at no additional cost to you (black and white labels are no charge. Color labels are an additional charge). However, extra lead time is needed to provide this service.

We buy our own frozen vegetables and fruits, but they are in totes. Can your company package the products we buy?
As long as all the certified paperwork is in order, we pack off any vegetable or fruit in a variety of pack sizes.

Do you offer contract pricing on vegetables and/or proteins?
Yes. We offer contract pricing on most vegetables, proteins, and ingredients. This enables our customers to “lock down” pricing for an extended period of time, and it also helps keep them competitive in the marketplace.

Contact our produce distribution company if you have additional questions about the produce we supply. We have a national platform of delivery and can proudly serve from coast to coast.