Company Info

Welcome to Southern Food Systems! We are a fast-growing specialty food distributor with a core business of providing high quality products at competitive prices on a consistent basis. Our products range from frozen beans, carrots, spinach, California blends to wholesale meat products, such as hamburger patties, breakfast patties, Salisbury steak and meat loaf.

Southern Food Systems excels in meeting your expectations in product development. From hitting particular nutritional requirements to matching a flavor profile, SFS can accomplish this for your team. With experience in dry blending, protein products, and new frozen vegetable blends, we cover a broad array of requests.

SFS has its own internal logistics department to guarantee delivery of our product on a national platform. Moving more than 150 trucks per month of protein and frozen vegetables is big business for SFS. With a full array of frozen vegetables, fruits and protein products, we can package from 8 oz. to 10 pounds. We offer a full line of ready-to-cook raw poultry, both breaded and un-breaded for use in a Pick Five program.

SFS utilizes vertical integration in every aspect of our operations. Sourcing raw materials, controlling spice and ingredient costs, and positioning ourselves in advantageous contracts in the market, help us realize our growth potential. SFS develops all meat product ingredient mix designs and production methods internally and has at our disposal an industry leader to assist in future product development and production increases.

Contact us for one-on-one assistance with your order. We have a national platform of delivery and can proudly serve from coast to coast.