About Us

Our Company at a Glance

Southern Food Systems (SFS) is a highly specialized food supplier, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with offices in Texas, Florida and New Hampshire, is a highly specialized processing and marketing company that services the food service, food processing, and retail industries. We are driven by the individual needs of our customer base, while maintaining a broader view of market conditions to ensure best pricing and placement times. We utilize our many years of experience and expertise to save our customers money while creating efficiency in their supply chain. Our highly experienced team members each have over 30 years’ experience in the food and marketing business segment.

The SFS Advantage

Having SFS as a key component in your supply chain will offer you many advantages:


Company Information

Welcome to Southern Food Systems! We are a fast-growing specialty food distributor with a core business of providing high-quality products at consistently competitive prices on a regular basis. Our products range from frozen beans, carrots, spinach, and California blends to protein meat products such as hamburger patties, breakfast patties, Salisbury steak, and meat loaf – to name just a few.

Research & Development

SFS has a complete research and development team on staff to handle any product that you need matched. We can also develop an entirely new product that will differentiate you from your competition.

Packaging & Processing

SFS packages and processes numerous products for you with our automated processing systems. We can also process your raw ingredients and create your proprietary products for you or your end-user.

Purchasing & Sourcing

SFS has many years of experience in sourcing food products for the food service and retail industries. Let us help you find the items you need that will help your company realize its highest profitability.

Contact us if you want the highest-quality food for your business. We have a national platform of delivery and can proudly serve from coast to coast.